Bringing potential guests to travel and tourism websites is a cross-platform effort. Social media is a significant part of this strategy. Google found in 2015 that 51% of smartphone users found a new company or product through a mobile search. While these users are looking for businesses on search engines, they are also influenced by their social browsing. And among social platforms, Instagram has become a marketing powerhouse. Follow these tips to make Instagram users notice your campground business and make them into guests.

  • Post Your Best Photos: Snapping a photo on your smartphone and applying a filter is not enough to make your content stand out. Take the time to capture quality images, perhaps from a DSLR camera. Just as you would on the best tourism websites, be selective when actually posting. Pay attention to how interesting and well-framed the content is.
  • Stay On Brand: While taking advantage of Instagram trends can be useful, remember why you are using it in the first place. It may be tempting to post a funny meme, but that probably won’t help your campground marketing unless it’s relevant to your brand. Keep your photos and videos of your campground and of people camping as much as possible.
  • Use A Custom Hashtag: Create a hashtag unique to your campground and start including it on your marketing materials. Encourage guests to use it when posting during their stay. This is a great way to create a community around your business. Just remember to check that the hashtag hasn’t been used.
  • Don’t Forget To Geotag: Just as you can create a custom hashtag for your campground, you can also create a geotag. Your business should show up as an Instagram location if you are registered as a Facebook check-in location.
  • Take Advantage Of Stories: A fairly new Instagram feature, stories allow you to share updates in real time using fun graphics and filters. You can also livestream events on your story. These tidbits stay up for 24 hours before disappearing.

    Once you set up your campground’s Instagram, be sure to link to your profile on your website. The best tourism websites will have social buttons clearly displayed. Monitor all of your comments and messages, and have fun interacting with your customers. This is also a great platform for addressing any customer concerns. By making your business visible and accessible on Instagram and other social pages, you are increasing your chances of encouraging people to book with you.