Many campground operators don’t see the need for online advertising because they think their services will sell themselves. But the fact is, even if your RV park offers the most amenities with the most affordable price, you most likely won’t see consistent customers unless your business has at least some sort of online presence. Here are some essential tips for marketing your RV park or campground.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words:

One critical mistake marketers make is to not invest in professional photography services. However, virtually all campers like to see high quality photos of their potential destinations, so you shouldn’t assume that a smart phone camera is sufficient enough to portray the level of luxury your park provides. You should also know that 30% of mobile searches are related to a specific location, so it’s best to include photos of the surrounding areas as well. The bottom line? Higher quality photos attract more visitors.

Don’t Neglect The Small Details:

While most RV park marketers understand the basic importance of listing the campground’s amenities, many don’t realize that using descriptive language in your amenities listings can help paint a visual image in the potential visitor’s mind. For example, advertising a cabin as “a spacious dwelling where wilderness and luxury meet” can go much further than simply listing the dimensions and amenities of the space. Don’t be afraid to channel your creative side and use loaded words to portray the beautiful and picturesque lodging options your campground has to offer.

Convenience Is Key:

There’s a reason campers prefer to view campgrounds online: convenience. However, if you truly want to optimize your visitors’ online experience with your campground, the best way to do so is to implement an online reservation system to make it easier than ever for campers to reserve their spots. When you give potential campers the ability to confirm all the details of their trip with the click of a mouse, you’re maximizing their convenience and assuring that they’ll come back if they enjoy their visit.

Ultimately, these are just a few basic ways to take your campground’s online marketing to the next level. This will result in more web traffic and bookings. For more information about RV campground marketing, contact MorePro RV Marketing.