Just because the tourists have cleared out, that doesn’t mean your tourism marketing has to go into a slump as well. Whether your run an RV park, campground, bed and breakfast, or cabin park, the off-season is a prime opportunity to take your digital marketing and travel website design to the next level. So as you prepare for the end of the busy summer season, follow these tips for boosting digital marketing and bringing in reservations even when business is slow.

  • SEO Takes Time To Bake: In tourism marketing, the off-season is actually the perfect time to launch a new SEO campaign. That’s because it takes time for search rankings to improve. If you want your bed and breakfast website to start ranking, then you should start your SEO campaign at least four months before the busy season starts.
  • Form Next Year’s Strategy: While you are free from the rush of seasonal guests, take the time to prepare for next season’s marketing. This may include new social strategies, a new marketing focus, and email marketing changes, for example. This time can be a great opportunity to plan for new industry trends, too.
  • Analyze Your Analytics: While you are forming your marketing strategy for the coming year, take some time to really interpret your Google and social analytics. Take note of which posts worked and which can be improved. Make these changes as soon as possible to encourage people to book when it counts.
  • Market Low-Season Deals: This is especially applicable to cabins and bed and breakfasts, since these accommodations can function in the winter as well. Consider offering a special discount to those who book with your business during the low-season. This may give you the extra boost your business needs at this time.
  • Keep Up With Social Posting: Even if you don’t actively have as many guests staying at your RV park or other business during a certain time of the year, be sure to keep your social media pages active. This means posting with the same frequency that you would otherwise. While your content may change slightly, people should still be seeing it.
  • Make Web Design Tweaks: Have you been wanting to adjust your tourism website but haven’t had the time? Or perhaps you were nervous to make any website updates during prime reservation season? The off-season is the perfect time to make small changes or implement a full redesign of your bed and breakfast website.

Remember that even if your business is not operating all year around, your marketing is. SEO drives up to 75% of search traffic, so it’s important to keep up with this to keep your web traffic and bookings consistent. If you are having doubts about how to best keep up with your marketing strategy, contact a tourism marketing professional today.