In the digital age, businesses need to meet customers where they are: On their phones. By using mobile marketing to its full potential, you will attract more potential customers and encourage them to book a stay at your campground. Your best campground marketing starts with finding a customer on their phones and ends with then camping at your business. Follow these basic tips to get started.

Use Social Media: The importance of social marketing cannot be understated. By maintaining social accounts, you can use hashtags, shareable images, links, and other branded content to build your follow base, turning them into your customer base.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile: Once you finalize your campground website design, make sure it is mobile-friendly. More and more people will be reaching your site on their devices, so make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Create A Geotag: Make sure that people are able to check in to your campground on Facebook and can tag your location on Instagram. To take this to the next level, create a geotag for Snapchat. This will show up in the form of a filter, so make sure it is fun and on-brand.

Make An App: Create an app where people can make reservations, learn about the campground, and keep up with current events. This is a great tool for customer retention, as it creates a designated space on their mobile device for your business’ information.

Be Diligent With SEO: Campground marketing starts with SEO. If you are not focusing on optimizing your site, potential customers are not going to find your business. According to recent data from Google, 51% of smartphone users discovered a new product or business following a mobile internet search. Make sure that you are as close to the top of the search results as possible.

As a campground, your business only has room to grow by mastering mobile marketing. You are aiming to attract a wide demographic of potential customers, most of whom are using some sort of mobile device. Once you have your mobile marketing strategy in place, be sure to update as technology advances.