While your customers are ultimately looking to spend time outdoors, their journey to your campground starts online. Having a well-designed website is more important than ever for drawing campers to your business. In 2014, companies were spending and average of 25% of their budget on digital marketing. That portion is expected to jump to 75% by 2019. Make sure that your campground marketing is up to speed by including these website must-haves.
    1. High Quality Multimedia: Bring potential customers inside your campground with the best possible photos and videos. Hire professionals to capture the authentic camping experience that your business has to offer and feature this work on your site. These videos and images will draw the eye in, enticing customers to learn more.
    2. An Active Blog: Having a blog on your website is an SEO standard for drawing people to your site and for building links around the web. Write about topics that will interest people who like to camp and be sure to write content that will solve a problem. Simply having a blog, however, is not enough. You must post regularly in order to reap the full benefits.
    3. Social Media Links: Integrate social media links or buttons into your website design by including them on multiple pages. This is a great way to draw customers to your social pages and for all of your marketing elements to work together. If you don’t have social media accounts, now is a great time to create them.
    4. Obvious Registration: Your main goal is for customers to book a trip at your campground. Make this as intuitive as possible by placing a link to your registration form in a clear place on your website. The same rule applies to your contact information.
    5. An Events Calendar: Camping is intrinsically family-oriented, so show off how much fun your campground is with an events calendar. When people are determining whether your campground is right for them, the activities you have to offer could be the deciding factor.

Campground marketing starts with high-quality campsite websites. By including the above elements in your site, you will present a well-rounded picture of the services and benefits you offer.

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